Great Falls Sharks Players of the Month

October 2019 Players of the Month

Alexa D'Amico, #31

Alexa earned Player of the Month honors this month through her defense, offense, and team leadership. Alexa is one of the two team captains and demonstrated outstanding leadership at the catcher position. Alexa's arm is always a threat to pickoff runners at first or catching runners stealing second. When not at catcher, Alexa is locking down 3rd base with reliability and confidence. Alexa batted .421 with 9 RBIs and 11 runs scored. Alexa exhibits a great attitude and is a positive force on the team. Congratulations Alexa!

Ainslee Cade, #17

Ainslee is a first year player with the Sharks and upon her arrival, she immediate took over Center Field. Ainslee started and played almost every single inning at Center Field during the Fall Season. She brings speed and determination to the position - diving for balls and making incredible throws from deep center to home plate, getting outs at the plate on more than one occasion! Ainslee is also a threat at the plate where she batted .406 with 14 RBIs and 11 runs scored. Ainslee is fast and determined player. Congratulations Ainslee!

September 2019 Players of the Month

Maya Hall, #7

Maya just joined the Sharks and has already made a big splash. Maya batted .382 with 9 RBIs and 11 runs scored in September. In addition to Maya's speedy base running, her defense has been solid. One of the most versatile pIayers on the team, Maya plays multiple defense positions - especially shining at catcher where she uses her mobility to catch foul balls and excellent blocking at the plate. In addition to catcher, Maya is sure handed in the outfield and at 3rd base. Maya is a consummate team-first contributor.  Congratulations Maya!

Dani Kott, #4

Dani's second time as player of month is well deserved when considering both her offensive stats and her defensive stats. Dani leads the team batting .571 with 10 RBIs and 8 runs scored. Dani can hit for power, but also has the speed to get on base with bunting. In addition to the standout hitting, Dani's fielding at second base produced 17 putouts and she is a lockdown defender. A great attitude on the field and a positive influence with her teammates makes Dani exceptional. Congratulations Dani!

July 2019 Players of the Month

Savannah Nelson, #30

Savannah had a great summer batting .352 and combined with her on-base percentage, registered a .925 OPS. In July, Savannah's ERA was 1.615 where she was able to pitch critical innings in relief of our starting pitchers. For the Summer, Savannah's WHIP (walks plus Hits/inning pitched) was a very low 1.125. Savannah locked down first base playing great defense and registering sure handed putouts all year! Congratulations Savannah!

Mia Limongelli, #12

Mia had a phenomenal July batting .271 in July with over half of her hits being extra base hits. Mia hit five home runs in a single weekend tournament in July!!! In addition to her excellent batting, Mia's fielding was stellar. For the entire Summer, Mia had 67 total chances at 3rd and catcher with a fielding percentage of 1.000 percent!!! Mia's performance is superb, rare, and accomplished in the context of team first. Congratulations Mia!

sav batting.png
sav pitching.png

June 2019 Players of the Month

Dani Govan, #7

Dani Govan had a great June batting .333 with 2 doubles, 4 RBIs and 3 runs. Dani truly showed exceptional abilities while pitching for the Sharks. In June, Dani's ERA was 5.466 with 19 strikeouts leading to a 2-2 record. Dani's WHIP (walks plus Hits/inning pitched) was a low 2.260. Dani was able to start games just as effectively coming into games to pitch her way out trouble. A very versatile player with a great team first attitude! Congratulations Dani!

Toni Ruley, #1

Toni is a repeat winner of the Player of the Month. Toni's outstanding performance was shown in her batting. Toni batted .514 in June with a slugging percentage of 1..172!!! During this time frame, Toni hit 4 doubles, 7 RBIs, and scored 9 runs. When Toni gets on base, she is fast; able to steal bases; and put herself into scoring position. Toni also pitched 20 innings in June with a 22 strikeouts with a 2-3 record. Congratulations Toni!

Dani Govan June 2019 Player of the Month
Toni Ruley June 2019 Player of the Month

October 2018 Players of the Month

Toni Ruley, #1

Toni had a team-leading batting average of .571 with an on-base percentage of .625 generating seven RBIs. Toni is dangerous on the basepaths having never been tagged out on her steal attempts. In addition to her stellar contribution on offense, Toni had a team leading ERA of 2.52 when pitching for the Sharks. Toni also played shortstop and center field providing key defense plays throughout the season. Congratulations Toni!

Savannah Nelson, #30

Savannah combined strong hitting with good decision making at the plate for a team-leading On-Base and Slugging percentage of 1.317! The offensive highlight occurred during a tournament game when Savannah hitting an over-the-fence home run securing the win! In addition to batting, Savannah's pitching yielded a 3.0 ERA, 1.5 WHIP (Walks + Hits/Innings Pitched), and team-leading strikeouts of 10. Congratulations Savannah!

Toni pitching2.jpg
Toni running.jpg

September 2018 Players of the Month

Allie Berreth, #2

Allie batted .457 with an on-base percentage of .556 and 5 RBIs while playing great defense at shortstop and center field. Allie has been the true definition of a "team first" player by filling in at catcher while we deal with injuries. Congratulations Allie!

Mia Limongelli, #12

Mia batted .385 with a slugging percentage of .692 and also with 5 RBIs. Mia has been solid at catcher while also playing shortstop and center field. Great all-around performance! Congratulations Mia!

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July 2018 Players of the Month

Grace Hussey, #10

Grace batted .273 with 2 RBIs and a .360 on-base percentage in the month of July. When Grace gets on base, she has a knack for scoring with aggressive base running. Grace contributed significantly in the July tournaments with her defense. She was part of several double plays and putting tags on runners trying to stretch to an extra base. Grace showed lockdown at 3rd base in these tournaments. Congratulations Grace!

Rachel Schlueter, #26

Rachel batted in our power hitting batting spots and delivered. Rachel's average in July was .316 with singles, doubles, and triples in the month. In addition to great offense, Rachel played strong defense behind the plate giving her pitchers confidence. A versatile player that can played infield corners and outfield in addition to catcher, Rachel provides multiple contributions on offense and defense to help her team win.. Congratulations Rachel!

Grace taging runner out at third.jpg

June 2018 Players of the Month

Dani Kott, #4

Dani batted .316 with 4 RBIs and a .381 on-base percentage in the month of June. Dani has reduced her strikeouts significant with just one in this time period. Most of her at bats go to full counts and battles in quality at bats. Dani's biggest contribution has been a total lockdown 2nd base getting multiple put-outs with her range, sure hands, and accurate throws! Congratulations Dani!

Kylee Rosenberger, #6

Kylee batted in the clean-up position in June and is a triple threat at the plate. She gets on base with speed, bunting, singles, and multiple base hits. Her average in June was .433 and OPS average (on base plus slugging) was 1.148. Kylee played great defense at shortstop with her speed and hard throws to 1st. Kylee also played outfield where she showed her speed. Congratulations Kylee!

October 2017 Players of the Month

Allie Berreth, #2

Allie batted .304 with 4 RBIs in the month of October. Allie's hits came in pressure situations with runners on base. In addition to her offense, Allie played aggressive defense at shortstop and center field getting to tough balls and making awesome throws for putouts. A strong arm from the outfield kept runners from advancing extra bases! Congratulations Allie!

Nataly Pastor, #53

Nataly pitched a team-leading 16 1/3 innings in October. Nataly managed 9 strikeouts and a 2.571 WHIP (Walks and hits for inning pitched). Nataly played 3rd and 2nd base as well, providing steady defense. At the plate, Nataly hit .417 including 2 doubles and a triple. Nataly's 5 RBIs and dependable play led the team in October. Congratulations Nataly!

September 2017 Players of the Month

Michelle Lyons, #11

Michelle pitched 17 innings in September compiling a 2-2 record and 1 save. Michelle's pitching was solid and reliable as she notched a 5.25 ERA with seven strikeouts and a 2.365 WHIP. Michelle set the defense in every inning she pitched and demonstrated great resiliency in tough game situations. Congratulations Michelle!

Carolyn "Sachi" Dolan, #21

Carolyn led the Sharks in batting with a .619 average, 13 hits, 9 RBIs, and 8 runs scored during the month of September. Carolyn produced key hits in tournament games when the team needed it. In addition to her awesome batting, Carolyn played lock down defense in left field and 3rd base. Congratulations Sachi!

Michelle Lyons Player of the Month
Michelle Lyons Player of the Month
Carolyn Dolan September Player of the Month
Carolyn Dolan Player of the Month