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A Strong Start

The Great Falls Sharks softball organization was started as a Great Falls based program in the fall of 2008 by a group of dedicated coaches and parents.  Our mission is to provide local girls the opportunity to play fast pitch softball at a competitive level, while working to enhance their softball skills and to develop a winning attitude, on and off the field. 


We had a successful first year with the 12U players, providing the girls with a foundation of tournament-level competition.  For the 2009-2010 year, we expanded the program to cover both 14U and 12U levels of play, to build on the skills of the girls currently in the program and to broaden the opportunity for additional girls to experience this level of competition as they grow in skills individually and as a team.


Over the years we have developed players in several age groups that have gone on to play varsity high school softball at Langley, McLean, Westfield, Oakton, Bishop O’Connell, Paul VI, Marshall, Madison, Loudoun County, Chantilly, Heritage, Park View, Loudoun County, Dominion and several others.  We now have players continuing their careers at the college level.


As we enter our 14th year for the 2021-22 season, we will continue with 9U, 12U and 16U teams.   

Experienced Leadership and Expectations

All Great Falls Sharks coaches are unpaid volunteers who have provided many years of coaching and training at the high school, travel, and Little League levels.  Each coach has committed to teaching the girls the skills necessary to become better softball players and better teammates. 


We believe that parents, coaches and players need to be a cohesive unit, so that everyone may experience a sense of success, both on and off the softball field.  In our opinion, winning is not the primary goal.  We emphasize the development of a winning attitude, while learning to put winning and losing in the proper perspective.  We believe if you set out to win, you won’t.  However, if you work hard, perform as expected, and do what you need to do, winning will come. 


Player and Parent Commitment

Players will receive from our program as much as they dedicate to it.   The team benefits from the support parents provide to the practices, behind-the-scenes team operations, and game-day cheering.  An involved set of parents can make all the difference.


We ask all parents and players on the Sharks to make a firm commitment to all practices and games.  We understand that there are conflicts and unforeseen circumstances that occur where a player might not be able to attend each and every session.  We ask that you notify the coaches and/or team coordinators well in advance of your player’s schedule conflicts.  We will try to be cognizant of school schedules and events, and ask that you keep us informed of these so adjustments can be made in advance.


Cost Management

As with all activities, there is a cost to playing travel/select softball.  Our goal is to be as cost-effective and affordable as possible.  We will provide you one set fee for the entire season.  This fee will include all tournaments, league fees, registration, insurance, uniforms, winter clinics, etc.  Our team coordinator will keep a budget which each parent can see.  Depending on future direction of the team and what it wants to do, there may be a need for further payments.  These decisions will be made as a team with parental involvement.  These costs are discussed with you, once your daughter has been selected to become a member of the Great Falls Sharks team. 


In an effort to minimize costs, we will constantly seek sponsors so that funds can be channeled directly to the team.  We are recognized as a 501C organization; therefore, all donations are tax deductible.


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