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Welcome to The Great Falls Sharks
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The Great Falls Sharks are a fastpitch softball organization based in Northern VA.  The programs supports multiple age groups comprised of athletes from the Washington, DC metro area.  The teams compete in local, regional, and national tournaments.  

Our main focus is on the athlete who wishes to have a successful high school career.  We will support those players who want to pursue playing college but the majority of our players are valuable contributors to their high school teams.  Regardless of the players direction, our expectations are high and we are dedicated to hard work, commitment and team work.  

Our mission is to provide an outlet for young ladies to learn the game and to give back to the community.  Once in a while we get rewarded from our parents and players who have come to appreciate what we try to do...below is an email we received from a Sharks alumni parent..


"Our goal is to give where we know the funding will be used in a positive and impactful way.  We know it is challenging to run a solid softball organization - but the Sharks do it the right way – you guys provide young women an opportunity to be a part of something incredibly unique in these continually changing and unpredictable times.  People today are always chasing the latest and greatest – fear of missing out on something better I guess.  But… Sharks have figured out how to overcome this – not just at the player level but across the family level too.  Very real, very unique, keeping it real.    We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Sharks organization and more than happy to help out with a donation…. "

14U - Meighan

14U - Fatovic

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Sharks in Myrtle Beach

Newest Baby Shark! Brooke Sharkey Byam, born 7.19.22.

Big Brother Connor Sharkey Byam born 6.4.20.


Original Shark, Katie Cynkar's college quilt.  Many years of softball!!

Sharks T shirt in the Alps

The Sharks are worldwide

The Alps

There are Sharks in Orlando!!

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